Elocution Lesson with Laura Field


On Wednesday morning Sarah and I got the half 8 train to Nottingham, to record Laura Field teach Sarah how to speak with more clarity! Laura, a professional voice coach and founder of her own business Spoken Word, works from a studio in her home. She welcomed us with open arms, a warm cup of tea and a lovely chat discussing our project.

Before Sarah experienced her first elocution lesson, we spoke with Laura about her business and how important the way we speak is to each and every individual. Afterwards I recorded Laura work with Sarah for around half an hour, completing a range of exercises to improve her speech and overall confidence.

I’ve put edited together the best bits of Laura’s interview and Sarah’s lesson, to listen click the link below.

A Morning with Laura Field

Sarah and I would like to thank Laura for her hospitality and contribution to the documentary, it was definitely worth the early start and was a great insight into the world of voice coaching!

Liz Brewer


Last week Sarah and I conducted an interview over Skype with Liz Brewer, the Etiquette and Social Protocol teacher in the T.V series ‘Ladette to Lady’. Liz, who has two books published, spoke to us concerning her opinions on local accents when working  in the business industry. Talking to Liz, it became clear that she has a love for local accents, but stressed they can become a problem if they are difficult to understand. Thank you very much to Liz for taking part, it was a great interview which we thoroughly enjoyed!

Sarah Sheperd; The Interview

Whilst we were in London, Sarah and I managed to get some ace audio for our documentary!

Unfortunately two of our three interviewees couldn’t attend the original times planned for our interviews whilst we were in the capital, due to unforeseen circumstances. However, these have been rescheduled for next week, and we still had a fantastic interview with Sarah Sheperd, a voice coach based in Covent Garden.

Sarah spoke to us about how her love of talking and doing impressions ended up helping her towards her career, and what her favourite regional British accents were.

As always audio will be uploaded very soon, keep checking the blog to keep posted!


Camden Market

Today Sarah and I went to Camden Market, one of the most multi cultural places in the UK. There we managed to talk to several passers by about the way they talk, discussing what situations they’ve been in where they’ve had to alter their accent. We also spoke about the connotations people often made about their personalities when hearing them talk, e.g. a young lady told us that coming from Essex often meant people assumed she was stupid. The audio is great, and we will be sharing some of it on the blog very soon.