Dom Watt

Dom Watt is a senior lecturer in Forensic Speech Science at the University of York. He has had several publications concerning different areas of speech, and is continuously conducting new research.

Sarah and I are interviewing him for the programme next Tuesday. We will be posting photos and audio on the blog, but if you would like to find out more beforehand, check out his website here.

Ros Simmons

We are delighted to have our first interview booked for ‘The Way We Talk’. Ros Simmons runs her own company, The Real Speaking Company, that specialises in voice coaching. She has previously worked with the BBC, Granada and a range of medical students, whilst coaching actors too. She has lots of qualifications and experience that enables her to be an exceptional voice coach,  teaching both how to master a new accent or how to neutralise your own.

Final Idea!

After a tutorial, we have decided on our final idea!

‘The Way We Talk’.

The programme will be tailored for a BBC Radio 4 audience, and will be approx 30-40 minutes long. We aim to contact a wide variety of different guests, such as:

  • Actors and Actresses
  • An academic who either teaches/ has written about the history of British accents
  • A linguist
  • Locals from different areas with a strong accent (e.g. Liverpool)
  • Cast of ‘The Only Way is Essex’
  • A psychologist who can discuss different accents are perceived
  • Voice Coaches