Before settling on our final idea, ‘The Way We Talk’, Sarah and I had a coffee to discuss possible ideas for our final year project.

Last term, we created six documentary pieces that were tailored for the Judy Theobald show on BBC Lincolnshire. We loved working on the project, but wanted to do something completely different for our last ever project studying at Lincoln.

These are the three final ideas we presented to our tutor;

Lincolnshire High Street; To be produced for broadcast on BBC Lincolnshire.

A programme exploring the changes and developments of Lincoln high street over the past century. Would include a journey of the presenter walking down Steep Hill, which has recently been voted no.1 high street in the UK. As the presenter walks down, they would enter several different shops, old and new, to discuss their businesses and other issues effecting the market such as internet shopping.

British Accents; To be produced for broadcast on BBC 4.

A documentary focusing on different regional accents in Britain. The programme would explore the history of regional dialects, what we perceive different accents to mean and explore the lives of people who have strong accents. We would also contact actors and actresses who have to regularly change their accents on a day to day basis, and speak to voice coaches also.

Transport Links in the UK; To be produced for broadcast on BBC 4.

With the recent unveil of a new train line being built between Birmingham and London, this programme would take an extensive look at the state of transport in Britain. With train fairs also rising by 11%, how come a train ticket from Edinburgh to London costs more than a return plane journey to Barcelona? The programme would talk to several industry experts, as well as commuters and travellers who regularly use British transport links.